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The Type Of Paint Used To Paint A House

Have a house painting project but don’t know which type of paint to choose? We got you covered.

The type of paint you select is just as essential as its color. Choosing a specific type of paint can have a significant effect on the ambiance of your room, the quality of your paintwork, and the vibe that you want for your house to have.

However, there are so many different types of house paint, and when it comes to starting a new paint project, knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. This guide can help you identify the different types of paint used to paint a house.

Primer Paint
Strictly speaking, primer is not one of the paint types, but it is essential for numerous painting projects. Primer is what you administer before anything else. It supports the paint adhere to the surface and guarantees your color outcome is right. Primer comes as water-based or oil-based – utilize the same base for the primer as your preferred paint.

Oil-based and Water-based House Paint
As the name implies, oil-based paints are oil-made and water-based with water. Commonly, oil-based paints are more enduring, polished, and take longer to dry, and water-based paints are thinner, matte, and take a shorter time to dry.

Keep in mind that removing oil-based paints entails harsh chemicals, whereas removing water-based paints does not.

Interior and Exterior House Paint
Most paint tins are marked interior or exterior. This description is a guide as to where the paint best fits. Interior paints are usually water-based, and exterior ones are customarily oil-based.

Enamel Paint
Oil-based paints are named enamel because of their sturdiness. You can acquire enamel paints in a variety of coatings, like gloss and semi-gloss, and mostly used on trims around windows and doors. One shortcoming of enamel veneer is that it tends to fade over time.

Latex Paint
Latex paint is a water-based veneer with no latex content at all. 

Acrylic Paint 
The acrylic covering or paint is another name for water-based veneer, with the extension of acrylic as the coupling administrator. 

Varieties of Acrylic paint 

  • Acrylic latex 


  • Acrylic enamel


  • Acrylic latex enamel

Acrylic veneer paints are not a mixture of water-based and oil-based paint. The given name is due to the improved durability of the veneer and not necessarily because of its content.

Always check the label of the tin when purchasing acrylic paint, as the name doesn’t generally mean the coating contains acrylic or latex.

Specialty Home Paints
The above kinds of residence paints can have additives added to give it a specific feature. Features like:

  • Anti-mold or anti-mildew
  • Fire retardants
  • Anti-condensation

Want to Get Your House Painted?
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